Benefits for the Supplier

TARGET: To ensure, to the supplier, control on his supply chain .

In-store engagement of the customers

Brand protection against counterfeiting and grey market diversion

User profiling indipendent of sales network

Logistical & Commercial Traceability of the product

Benefits for the Customer

TARGET: To protect the consumer: the authenticy of the product is guaranteed.

Certified Origin

and traceability of the product.

Engagement Experience

even in Augmented Reality.

Watch & Win Contests

interacting with the packaging.

Customized Promotions

thanks to the registration in the system.

Main Features

Valid tool for marketing: the interaction with the customer rises the brand and product value..

Advanced authentification system and «Track&Trace» system for real-time access to geolocalised information.

Cloud management system, easy to establish and user-friendly.

Data are stored in a structured way, following a model tailored on customers needs (product code, production time…).

Mobile app for company supervisors, for a real-time control on the supply chainMobile app for consumer for developing consumer engagement.